These days I am longing for the new. I tidied up my room and cleaned out my closet, that’s about all I can do at the moment, because I am laying with a sinus infection and bronchitis in bed.  I hate to be ill. Just this “there-is-nothing-I-can-do”-feeling makes my head ache even worse. I got a new sweater by mango, which I really love and now I just need these awesome, extraordinary leggings. Wow, I cannot wait to go out again and maybe, hopefully, they still have these awesome leggings. ;)

You know, besides laying ill in my bed, I clicked thru probably 100 fashion-blogs a day, because I am so needy for new inspirational styles. I am getting frustrated, because I can’t do anything, there is no good new music at the moment – I am talking about REAL music, the weather is also not very great at the moment – perfect weather to stay in bed, haha, and my best friend moved away.

Yeah, I am left behind in our so called home town, where I do not really belong, but whatever; time comes soon enough, when I’ll leave. :) New York, my love. Yes, now we are coming to the point: New York, Stockholm, Helsinki, Paris, London, Berlin, … What do they all have together? Yes, they are all capital cities, big, giant, gorgeous cities. And they all have terrific street styles. Why is this?
I try to explain it to myself this way: there are so many different people in such a big city, with so many different options, things to choose from, thousands of inspirational things, let it be art, music, etc. People don’t care if you look different, they enjoy watching it! I enjoy it, too. My most visited websites these last days were probably www.hel-looks.com and http://www.thesartorialist.com/. So many different people, so many different styles.
Everywhere I go here, here is: about 170.000 inhabitants, there is always the same – boring. Why? As long as you follow the mass, you’re fine. But as soon as you step out, they are staring at and talking about you. This is not the right place for me to be. I love the extraordinary! And here it is so hard to find.

Here is my advice to all people around the world, and if you just overflew the text, here comes the importance: I think people should think less, about how they look, if they “fit in” and what others may think about them. Most important is that you feel comfortable in what you wear. And hey, if you like to wear the pink sweater to your green pants, then go for it! My motto is: go big or go home. Mostly, people are just jealous, if they talk about you, it means you are interesting! And you pull something off; they would never, ever be courageous enough to do. That’s it. People, go big! (and please, please, show us some inspiration in your way of dressing!)

Oh yes, this is my new sweater. I love the colors, my favs and also the pattern is really nice. The sweater is a 100% cotton and so comfy. :)



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