Goodbye means forgetting.
This has been on my mind for very long now, but what's the truth?
Will you be forgotten, once you're gone?
Did you use your time wisely?
Did you spend it at the right place with the right people, or was it just wasted?
How can we measure time?
Was the time spending enough, too short or maybe even too much?
How many miles do people have to be apart to forget each other?
Do they live on different continents or do they live next door to each other?
Do we forget because of time or because of memories?
Were the memories not great enough to be remembered?
Were the memories really memories or was it just time rushing by?
What do we really experience?
What is imagination, illusion and what is realization?
Are we living or are we dreaming?
Will we ever go to sleep or are we going to wake up?
Are we going to settle down or keep on running?
Are we already living or when is life going to start?
Is life measured by our heartbeats, breaths or steps?
What is life anyway and what does 'living' mean?
Do we say hello and mean goodbye?
Are we forgetting or just getting rid of the unimportant?
Are things really never going to come back the way we experienced them the first time?
If there is something like a déjà-vu, why does it never appear?
Why do we plan, if things will still come different?
Why can't we live our dreams, or are living while we're dreaming?
What is this about and will there ever be answers to my questions?

Do people forget me, once they said goodbye to me?
And does that mean we will never see each other again?
What do I have to do, to be remembered?
Do people remember me?
If yes, for good or for bad behavior - if not, why not?
Where is the difference between forgetting and remembering?
Where does it start and where does it end?
Who is to blame for all this confusion?
Why do we need somebody to blame?
Why can't just somebody come up with logical explanations for this big mess!